Severe perforation of eardrum should be treated by surgery. If the condition is mild or acute perforation of eardrum, drugs will be used to control it first. Let's take a look at what medicine to take for eardrum perforation. What medicine does eardrum perforation take Drug 1: pidotimod capsule

Food is the most important thing for the people. We can see the importance of food to people. Even for all kinds of cancers, we need to pay attention to diet, especially after cancer surgery. How long should we eat after lung cancer surgery? What should we pay attention to? Now let's see how long we

Because I now have many small fine lines on my skin, especially my Dharma lines are very deep, I always want to get rid of them, so every year in autumn and winter, the cosmetics I use contain hyaluronic acid. When it comes to hyaluronic acid, many people who don't understand it will feel

In the current life are plagued by psoriasis patients are very many, of course, there are many methods of treatment, but the effect of treatment is not the same. So, if we got psoriasis, how to treat it? Today let me tell you what to pay attention to after suffering from psoriasis. What should be

Symptoms of massive hemorrhage in ectopic pregnancy

If the fertilized egg is not implanted in the right place (uterine cavity), but in any other place, it means that it should be ectopic pregnancy. Of course, ectopic pregnancy is very dangerous. One of the reasons is that it will lead to massive hemorrhage. I'd like to talk about the symptoms of

My skin is very black, so the spots on my face are not very obvious. However, I found that the spots became bigger and the color deepened when I looked in the mirror recently, so I began to worry and wanted to go to the beauty salon for laser whitening and freckle removal. Today, let me tell you how

Can fracture of classics fibula grow back?

Tibia and fibula fracture is the most common fracture in the whole body. Tibia is the main bone connecting the lower femur, and fibula is also the main bone connecting the calf muscle. Tibia and fibula fractures are mostly caused by gravity impact, and most of them occur in children and young

Recently, my baby began to grow small white spots on the back of his hand. He was very worried about vitiligo, but how could it be vitiligo when the child was so small. So he went to the hospital for consultation. The doctor explained in detail the reasons for the white spots on the back of his

How to relieve pain after operation?

In daily life, there are many people suffering from the pain and suffering caused by postoperative knife edge pain, especially in cloudy and rainy days, knife edge will be more painful, sometimes itching, unbearable. Therefore, it is very important to understand some methods to relieve the pain of

Bladder cancer is one of the common cancers in our life, which refers to the canceration of our bladder due to some inflammation and other reasons. For cancer, we should find and treat it early. So, if you want to find out early, you need to understand the early symptoms of cancer. What are the

Can adult suffer from yellow water sore excuse me?

Yellow water ulcer is a common skin disease. Most of the patients with flood bed are children. Because yellow water ulcer is infectious, it is easy for children to be infected when they play together in school. Because children's skin immune function is not strong enough, it is particularly easy to

Hypertension will greatly affect the life of patients, but also seriously endanger their health. During the treatment period, if the patients lack of high blood pressure diet, it may affect the development of the disease at any time, and it is very dangerous in the later stage. Therefore, we need to

There are many causes of general numbness, which may be due to the deficiency of Qi and blood, resulting in the slow metabolism of the body's blood. If in a relatively cold environment, it will lead to vasoconstriction and blood reflux, it will lead to poor blood circulation, fatigue in the body or

Patient, female, 36 years old, usually likes spicy food. Recently, it was found that there was blood in the stool. So she went to the hospital. After examination, the doctor finally diagnosed it as a fat tumor on the rectum. After the operation, the tumor was sent to the hospital for pathological

I'm going to be three months pregnant. I was very happy, but when I went to the hospital for prenatal examination, I found that the fetus didn't develop at all, so I had an abortion. Now the body maintenance is very good, everything is normal. Now I'd like to talk with you about how to induce

Earlobe long pimple and pain, don't worry too much, once this happens, as long as timely check, as soon as possible to see a doctor, there will be no big problem, the following will introduce some possible reasons for this situation. What reason is earlobe ache First: earlobe long pimple

There is a deep groove under my eyes. My friends say that it's called tear groove. It seems that it's only in recent years. It looks very old. I usually try many methods, but the effect is not very good. Now let's talk about the price of filling tears. How much does filling tear ditch cost The first

Chronic hepatitis B has been known to us, must be treated in time, hepatitis B is due to infection with hepatitis B virus caused by infectious liver disease, hepatitis B small three positive is also a type of hepatitis B, hepatitis B small three positive patients if you do not pay attention to

Some parents will see their children's abnormal behavior at some time, which will make them very anxious. What they are most afraid of is what disease their children suffer from. Many parents also ask us whether children's rolling eyes is epilepsy? Our children have such symptoms, which makes many

Many mothers want to give the best to their babies, but some babies are smaller and thinner than the children of the same age. After examination, they know that it is caused by malnutrition. So what should we do about baby malnutrition. How does darling malnutrition do First, try to ensure that the