If children are born with some diseases, is the prenatal examination not good enough? Or other genetic factors? It's because pregnant women don't have regular examination and treatment during pregnancy, because many diseases can be detected during pregnancy, so only pregnant women who don't have

Secondary dysmenorrhea symptoms?

Dysmenorrhea can be divided into many kinds, and it will have a great impact on people's physical and mental health. If some patients have dysmenorrhea, it may lead to different degrees of physical discomfort. If mild dysmenorrhea occurs, or it may cause waist pain and physical fatigue, they can

Rheumatoid arthritis is actually a great disease. Not to mention that we should also understand, at this time the patient's words often have a variety of uncomfortable symptoms. At this time, patients often have symptoms of joint redness, swelling, heat and pain. Even patients with stubborn

The biggest characteristic of myopic friends is that they can only see near but not far. In the case of no adjustment, the distant parallel light enters the eye through the pupil, and before focusing on the retina, it can not form a clear object image on the retina. This kind of ametropia is myopia

I've had two abortions before. It's really bad luck. Recently, I found that my menstruation has been delayed, and I often feel nauseous. When I get up in the morning, I feel nauseous obviously. After the examination, I'm pregnant again. In order to prevent this situation, I'd like to introduce to

There are many ways to regulate the yellowing of the face. You must have tried many ways to regulate the yellowing of the face, but the really easy-to-use ways to regulate the yellowing of the face are rare. In order to let you find the correct way to regulate the yellowing of the face, the

Zoe syndrome symptoms?

The so-called Zhuo AI syndrome, in fact, refers to gastrinoma, this gastric disease harm is very big, patients must take effective measures to control, if the development is serious, patients may appear gastric perforation, gastrointestinal bleeding, especially the most prone to gastric ulcer, then

Did bladder stone eat what good?

Stone is a very common disease, especially gallstones and bladder stones, has become a disease that plagues many people, many patients once suffering from this disease, the body will feel particularly uncomfortable. Diet is particularly important for patients with gallstones and bladder stones. If

When the baby has diarrhea, as a parent, Fei Haicang must be worried, but when the baby has diarrhea, parents need to know the reason, so as to suit the remedy to the case. Now let's talk about the baby's repeated diarrhea?. How does darling have diarrhoea repeatedly to return a responsibility

Cataract is a common ophthalmic disease in our life. It will seriously affect eyesight. Cataract is a high incidence rate. It will seriously affect our physical development. But if we want to get effective relief, we can improve our diet well in the early stage of cataract. Well. What medicine does

When the female painless abortion surgery, should stay in hospital for two hours. If there is no bleeding or abdominal pain, he can be discharged. Therefore, in life, we should pay attention to it. Now let's talk about the flow of people. How about the flow of people One: Although painless abortion

Recently, my husband often goes to the hospital to have a urine test, and I don't know what the urine edema is. Now let's take a look at the Department of nephrology. What branch does nephrotic examination arrive First, in the Department of Nephrology, you need to check the liver and kidney

Many people with heart disease are caused by edema, many people inadvertently found that their lower limbs swelling, and a press will sink, in medical students called symmetrical and concave edema, lower limb edema is not good for our body recovery, and heart failure itself is a very difficult

Can early symptom of lung cancer be cured?

Although suffering from cancer is not our wish, we can not avoid the occurrence of cancer. Cancer like lung cancer has great harm to the body and mind of patients, so we should learn more about the methods of early treatment of lung cancer in our life and seize the best opportunity for treatment

If one of the husband and wife suffers from genital herpes, the other will have a great chance, so we must treat in time in life. Today, let me learn from you how much it costs to check venereal diseases in andrology department. How much does andrology examine venereal disease One of the factors

Intermediate symptoms of cervical cancer?

Gynecological disease is the most common cervical cancer, got the disease mortality is also very high, to have timely discovery can be effective treatment, if late, it is difficult to have the possibility of cure, now let's see these got cervical cancer have early symptoms, hope these are useful to

Now the foreskin is too long, but I don't think it has any effect, so I haven't been treated. Today, let me tell you how old the foreskin is. It's best to cut it. How old is circumcision too long cut best First: if there are no symptoms, some children will automatically get better as they grow up

Rheumatic disease is a group of musculoskeletal diseases mainly treated by internal medicine, including diffuse connective tissue disease, joint and periarticular soft tissue diseases caused by various causes (including muscle, tendon, ligament, etc.). For patients with this disease should be

A gossip woman upstairs said that there was a man in her hometown who had hydrocele. She had hydrocele surgery a while ago. The other neighbors didn't know what it was, so they asked the woman to collect more information about it. Now let's talk about the common symptoms of hydrocele. Common

Eye correction is more in facial plastic surgery, because now most people have higher requirements for beauty, facial features are the minimum, and the pursuit of upper eyelid correction is also beginning to increase. How about upper eyelid correction? Let me talk about it. How about upper eyelid