With the improvement of living standards, people pay more and more attention to diet health. Now many people are beginning to pay attention to health care. Not only many women are paying attention to health care, but more male friends are also paying attention to health care. The most important

Gallbladder metastasis, advanced symptoms of liver cancer, loss of appetite, nausea, weakness, low fever, and frequent diarrhea. Now the patient's condition has been controlled to a certain extent. I'll tell you about the late symptoms of liver cancer. Advanced symptoms of metastatic liver cancer

Some time ago, I felt that my appetite dropped and I lost my appetite. I didn't have any spirit. I could barely eat and vomit! Fatigue, dizziness and abdominal pain are common. In order to prevent this situation, I'd like to introduce the postoperative symptoms of esophageal cancer. Postoperative

In fact, after we have constipation, there are many kinds of treatment, constipation, from the perspective of modern medicine, it is not a specific disease, but a symptom of a variety of diseases. Constipation is light and heavy in degree, and can be temporary or long in time. What symptom is cold

Chronic allergic rhinitis disease should pay attention to the treatment of rhinitis, so as to achieve good results. But we may not be very clear about the clinical treatment of chronic allergic rhinitis. So, in life, we should pay attention to it, the following is about what medicine to take for

How much is the advanced treatment of renal cancer? My aunt found a tumor in her right kidney in August this year. Ten days ago, she had the right kidney removed. The operation was well done. The doctor said nothing happened. But we are still worried. Through the consolidation of treatment has

Humeral fractures are mainly caused by heavy blows, extrusion and other violence. If the situation is serious, it is necessary to implant steel plate for adjuvant treatment. There are many matters needing attention in rehabilitation. Now let's take a look at how to do after taking the plate after

My stomach has been bad for some years, and I haven't paid much attention to it. Recently, the disease is quite serious. It's like appendicitis. But my appendix was removed a few years ago. I'm even more worried. I asked several people, and they all said it might be right colon cancer. Now let's

My vitiligo disease has been nearly half a year. At that time, there were a few white spots on my arm. The color was a little lighter than the surrounding skin. It was light white. The surface of the white spots was still very smooth. I had been treated for a period of time and got better. Today

My cousin's children appeared patches of white spots, which made the family anxious. The doctor in the clinic advised them to go to a good hospital for treatment. My cousin didn't know where the hospital for curing leukoplakia was. He called me and asked me to help. I asked my colleagues who are

Anal fissure is a kind of disease that anal canal skin split completely and form chronic ulcer. So let me tell you that eating too fast can also lead to anal fissure? Can eat too fast also cause anal fissure First, anal fissure is caused by the secret knot of stool, too hard defecation, resulting in

Eczema is due to the cold and humid external environment, which often recur or aggravate after winter. In addition, eczema is not only related to the moisture inside and outside the body, but also closely related to emotion and pressure. Fatigue, emotional excitement, insomnia and other

Asthma is a common chronic respiratory disease which seriously endangers children's health. Its incidence rate is high, often manifested as recurrent chronic disease, which seriously affects children's learning, life and activities, and affects the growth and development of children. Let's look at

The biggest characteristic of myopic friends is that they can only see near but not far. In the case of no adjustment, the distant parallel light enters the eye through the pupil, and before focusing on the retina, it can not form a clear object image on the retina. This kind of ametropia is myopia

Recently, my husband often goes to the hospital to have a urine test, and I don't know what the urine edema is. Now let's take a look at the Department of nephrology. What branch does nephrotic examination arrive First, in the Department of Nephrology, you need to check the liver and kidney

Rheumatic disease is a group of musculoskeletal diseases mainly treated by internal medicine, including diffuse connective tissue disease, joint and periarticular soft tissue diseases caused by various causes (including muscle, tendon, ligament, etc.). For patients with this disease should be

Flat wart is a relatively common skin disease, recently I suffered from flat wart this disease, for flat wart I use a conservative way to treat, the effect is relatively good, below I will tell you about the treatment of flat wart, convenient for everyone to better treat flat wart this disease

Uncle Li always feels that his esophagus is very uncomfortable recently, so he went to the hospital for an examination. The result shows that Uncle Li has esophageal cancer. He wants to know how to treat esophageal cancer. Now let me tell you the treatment methods for esophageal cancer. What does

In life, there are a lot of patients who don't feel the penis. When the penis doesn't feel, it's very uncomfortable, as if it's gone. It's been more than ten days, and it's not getting better or worse. The penis and glans are cold, especially the glans. When erecting, the glans doesn't seem to be

Bladder cancer is a kind of common malignant tumor, which is one of the common diseases of urinary system. There are many inducing factors of bladder cancer, such as common dyes, rubber, paint in daily life, which may cause bladder cancer. In addition, it is worth noting that long-term smoking is