Unexpected pregnancy and temporarily because of their own or other reasons can not have children, can only do abortion surgery, abortion surgery on the body is very big, so once found pregnancy symptoms, to decide whether to give birth as soon as possible, if you don't want to give birth, to do

The numbness and distension of the left arm directly affect the physical and mental health of patients, and will also harm the whole family. In our daily life, we are very likely to encounter hand numbness phenomenon, such as pillow arm sleep will appear hand numbness. So these diseases seem very

With the increasing pressure of life, it seems that men's social drinking has become a common thing. Even drinking at the table plays a big role in the success or failure of the business. Almost everyone knows that drinking is harmful to the body. Many people die of drinking every year. Drinking is

In life, You must pay attention to genital herpes. Some people will be surprised or indifferent. I had a one night stand with a girl, which caused me to suffer from genital herpes. My penis is particularly itchy. Sometimes it's painful to urinate. There are a lot of blisters growing in the anus, and

Cervical erosion is a common gynecological disease in women. Women suffering from the disease should pay attention to keep the normal diet in the body in a timely manner, and pay attention to timely treatment in the hospital to avoid unhealthy conditions. It is also right to pay attention to timely

My neighbor because of physical discomfort to the hospital was found liver cancer, after treatment has improved, so liver cancer can eat what advantage? Now let's take a look at it! What can liver cancer eat to be advantageous First: after the operation, it is appropriate to give high protein, high

Don't use drugs randomly, which may lead to more serious diseases. Want to treat vulva pruritus, must make clear its pathogeny above all, ability suit the medicine to the case, can get rid of the trouble that vulva pruritus brings so quickly, how does vulva pruritus red Zhong return a

Diet is an important factor to prevent hemorrhoids, reduce the symptoms of hemorrhoids and reduce the recurrence of hemorrhoids. Because constipation is one of the causes of hemorrhoids, from the perspective of prevention, we should prevent constipation and keep the stool unobstructed. There are

The high incidence of cervical cancer in the Department of gynaecology has made cervical vaccine a common disease. Cervical cancer is a common disease in our community. Her incidence rate is very high, the population of the disease is getting younger and younger, and her mortality rate is quite

Anorexia period mainly occurs when the baby is four or five months old. At this time, many babies no longer focus on feeding as before. The problem always appears is that they stop feeding when they are feeding. At this time, it is very easy to be affected by the outside world, so as to stop

Recently, when I was taking a bath, I found a small meatball growing in my anus, which is not painful. I searched the relevant information and learned the reason for this situation. Next, I'd like to share this reason with you. How does anal mouth have flesh thorn to treat First: in the anus long a

Women bear more and more responsibilities in modern society. They not only take care of their families, but also are busy working to earn money to support their families. Sometimes they are too busy to pay attention to their own health. After suffering from some gynecological diseases, they often

This disease is a common chronic disease in life, Now there are a lot of women have cold menstruation less gynecological disease, encounter this situation, I think the mood is the same, menstruation less women, traditional Chinese medicine after pulse, most traditional Chinese medicine think is cold

Suffering from psoriasis, ugly skin lesions, let me very distressed, in order to quickly eliminate the rash, topical ointment I have been using, medication treatment is now good, I put psoriasis treatment which best sort out, for your reference. What is the best way to treat psoriasis Treatment 1:

How does full moon baby convulsion return a responsibility?

A good friend of mine gave birth to a baby by caesarean section. The baby was born 6 Jin 9, 50 cm in height. Because it was a caesarean section, she needed to be hospitalized in the hospital for injection. The baby was carried home by her grandmother on the second day of birth. The baby's mother was

Uncle is a hepatitis B patient, has been taking medicine treatment. Since the disease, the whole person is always thin, dark yellow skin. Recently, uncle always didn't want to eat, even the sweet and sour fish he liked most didn't arouse his appetite. Later, abdominal distension, diarrhea and edema

Urinary incontinence seriously affects people's normal life and work, especially in major occasions, important meetings or long-distance bus will make people feel very embarrassed, and urinary incontinence is also likely to cause a variety of other diseases, especially female urinary incontinence is

In life, female friends must pay attention to this kind of situation. When we have menstruation, we usually have stomachache. In menstrual blood, we will find black blood clots in menstrual blood, with different sizes. So what should we do? Today, let me share with you how to do with black blood

In fact, constipation, as we all know, is harmful to our health. We may have suffered from this kind of disease more or less. We used to defecate every two or three days, but now we have to defecate every four days. Sometimes we feel bloated in our stomach for five days. It's useless to drink a lot

Anus next to the long three, two long under the internal capsule, painless, done laser inside there is a white thing, but relapse, treatment for a period of time, now it is good, I share my friend condyloma acuminatum women what kind of experience to you, I hope to have a reminder to you. What does