My aunt always coughs. We always think it's chronic bronchitis, but this time it's more serious than any other time before. I have lung cancer. After treatment, I've recovered. What medicine should I use for cough in the late stage of lung cancer? Do you want to discuss it together? So let's share

Diet on the spleen and stomach is the most important, three meals a day to regular diet, especially pay attention to breakfast must eat. Porridge is the best breakfast for nourishing spleen. Millet can be used as the main food, and jujube, yam and other spleen food can be added. The main experience

Relatives got epilepsy, every attack is particularly distressing, suddenly fell to the ground, the whole person in a convulsive state, do not know how to make during the attack more comfortable, consult the relevant doctors, now let me talk about how to deal with epilepsy attack. How to deal with

In today's society, people are not unfamiliar with the disease of condyloma acuminatum. Because of its strong infectivity and great harm, they are especially afraid of the disease. However, as long as they know the symptoms of condyloma acuminatum, they will pay attention to and treat it in time

Lung cancer t1n1m0, have done an operation, at present just chemotherapy finished the first course of treatment (during chemotherapy has been with Chinese patent medicine), today discharged from hospital, for lung cancer late symptoms what to eat? Do you know anything about this? Now let's talk

My colleague's children are very lively, and his mother is very worried about him. I have seen this little boy twice. He is more naughty than other children, and he feels flustered when doing something. His mother suspects that he has ADHD. Now let's take a look at the symptoms of ADHD in children

I have suffered from psoriasis for more than a year. The tinea plaques on both sides of my arms are itchy and itchy, especially when I go to bed at night. You have to scratch them and bleed. I heard a friend introduce me to apply the ointment I bought in the drugstore, but I had a headache again and

My friend has been married for several years. He wants to have a baby, but he hasn't been pregnant. He went to the hospital to have an operation because of the blockage of fallopian tube. Two days ago, my friend had tubal transfusions. Let's talk about the price of tubal obstruction check. The price

Symptoms of heart disease

Heart disease is a nightmare for many patients, because the incidence of heart disease is frequent and the time is short, and the golden rescue time is very precious. If the heart disease is not treated in time, it will endanger the life and health of the patients, even affect the continuity, and

Some unconscious habits in life are slowly harming your liver. Which behaviors are very harmful to your liver? How to nourish the liver? To protect the liver, we should pay attention to these in our daily diet First: drink plenty of water: drink plenty of water can replenish body fluid, enhance

Pain on both sides of the back is a very common disease in our life. Since this year, Liu Sheng's back pain has been increasing, especially when he goes to bed at night. As a result, he can't sleep well at night and has a poor spirit during the day. After sticking a few plasters, he didn't have any

It's not only the spot on our face that makes us uncomfortable. Everyone wants his skin to be bright and beautiful. It's everyone's nature to pursue beauty. So how to get rid of these spots on the face? What's a good way? Now let's take a look. How can go spot Method 1: take a fresh egg, wash, soak

This is a problem that many patients want to know. Recently, I can't control one of my symptoms, that is, I always fart after eating. I don't know what's wrong with my symptoms. It seems that I won't appear this phenomenon before, and I won't fart frequently, but I feel that my stomach will be very

There is infection, combined with the presence of gross hematuria and proteinuria, so to consider a kidney disease, the diagnosis of kidney disease is to do a pathological examination. Now I'd like to share about how to recuperate the pregnancy of patients with kidney disease. How to regulate the

What reason is ache of left cheek?

What is left facial ministry ache suddenly? The left face begins to appear unwell in the afternoon, facial muscle also can ache below inactive circumstance, how can ability treat? Left face, left bridge of nose, upper eyelid, pain. What kind of illness does this belong to? What fast method can cure

What are the symptoms of allergic asthma

Allergic asthma is relatively stubborn, if the disease is not actively treated and controlled, it will be accompanied by the patient's life. Allergic asthma is usually induced after the emergence of allergic phenomenon. Before the onset of this disease, there are often some omens, such as feeling

I'm a busy salesman. Sometimes I go out early and come back late. I don't eat regularly. I often drink and socialize for a long time. My stomach is often uncomfortable. If I eat something irritating, I have a stomachache. After eating, I get a rise. I also spit acid water. I went to the hospital for

I have not implemented contraceptive measures and have not been pregnant. My wife and I both went to the hospital for examination and said that my vas deferens were blocked, so the doctor let me be hospitalized. Now my condition is temporarily stable. Let me learn from you today that infertility can

A good friend of mine has been suffering from premature ejaculation recently, but due to his face, he doesn't want to go to the hospital for treatment. Because I have treatment experience, he has been asking me how to treat premature ejaculation in the hospital. Now, I'd like to share my experience

What symptom is second liver come on?

In life, we often meet hepatitis B patients, its arrival will not only damage the health of patients, but also cause serious damage to the liver function of patients. What symptom is second liver come on? Let's talk about it. What symptom is second liver come on? Jaundice: the liver is the center of