I was suffering from appendicitis at the beginning of last month, but I didn't know what to do. It would be better. Now it seems to be more serious, with more leucorrhea, so I'm worried about it psychologically. But still with the doctor's treatment, now the condition has improved, today let me

In our daily life, we can find that there are many male diseases, which affect all aspects of work, life and family, such as premature ejaculation. Premature ejaculation is a dysfunction disease, which makes many men miserable. Today, let me share with you the best hospital for the treatment of

There are many innocent unmarried women who have sex before marriage. After breaking up, they are more conservative in the husband's home, so they don't know what to do, so they think of surgery. Let's talk about the method of repairing hymen. Methods of repairing hymen First: the whole operation

Some time ago, I always felt that there was no great difference between the opposite sex, and I had no interest in the opposite sex. Moreover, I was satisfied and shot out quickly when I had sex. The doctor said that he had premature ejaculation. In order to prevent this situation, I'd like to

I've had two abortions before. It's really bad luck. Recently, I found that my menstruation has been delayed, and I often feel nauseous. When I get up in the morning, I feel nauseous obviously. After the examination, I'm pregnant again. In order to prevent this situation, I'd like to introduce to

When the female painless abortion surgery, should stay in hospital for two hours. If there is no bleeding or abdominal pain, he can be discharged. Therefore, in life, we should pay attention to it. Now let's talk about the flow of people. How about the flow of people One: Although painless abortion

If one of the husband and wife suffers from genital herpes, the other will have a great chance, so we must treat in time in life. Today, let me learn from you how much it costs to check venereal diseases in andrology department. How much does andrology examine venereal disease One of the factors

Now the foreskin is too long, but I don't think it has any effect, so I haven't been treated. Today, let me tell you how old the foreskin is. It's best to cut it. How old is circumcision too long cut best First: if there are no symptoms, some children will automatically get better as they grow up

A gossip woman upstairs said that there was a man in her hometown who had hydrocele. She had hydrocele surgery a while ago. The other neighbors didn't know what it was, so they asked the woman to collect more information about it. Now let's talk about the common symptoms of hydrocele. Common

The increase of female leucorrhea may be caused by tiredness. Generally speaking, if the patient is very tired after a day, plus the psychological pressure brought by work or other things, some negative emotions will increase the number of female leucorrhea, then the increase of leucorrhea plus

Ectopic pregnancy is actually a process of women's abnormal pregnancy. Since it is an abnormal process, it will lead to abortion or rupture, which can have a great impact on the health of patients and the life of patients and their families. Let's know how many days we can know it's ectopic

I'm going to be three months pregnant. I was very happy, but when I went to the hospital for prenatal examination, I found that the fetus didn't develop at all, so I had an abortion. Now the body maintenance is very good, everything is normal. Now I'd like to talk with you about how to induce

In today's society, people are not unfamiliar with the disease of condyloma acuminatum. Because of its strong infectivity and great harm, they are especially afraid of the disease. However, as long as they know the symptoms of condyloma acuminatum, they will pay attention to and treat it in time

My friend has been married for several years. He wants to have a baby, but he hasn't been pregnant. He went to the hospital to have an operation because of the blockage of fallopian tube. Two days ago, my friend had tubal transfusions. Let's talk about the price of tubal obstruction check. The price

I have not implemented contraceptive measures and have not been pregnant. My wife and I both went to the hospital for examination and said that my vas deferens were blocked, so the doctor let me be hospitalized. Now my condition is temporarily stable. Let me learn from you today that infertility can

A good friend of mine has been suffering from premature ejaculation recently, but due to his face, he doesn't want to go to the hospital for treatment. Because I have treatment experience, he has been asking me how to treat premature ejaculation in the hospital. Now, I'd like to share my experience

A few years ago, the libido has dropped a lot, the whole body has no strength, the waist can't make force, the prostate is a little red and swollen, it will hurt when touching, there are frequent urination and urgent urination symptoms, when it's serious, it's very painful to urinate, just like

After the onset of orchitis, patients will feel testicular pain. At the same time, patients with acute onset will also be accompanied by fever, chills and weakness. This is a disease that seriously affects the health of male reproductive system. Patients must check and treat early. Treatment should

Sexual intercourse is a pleasure for men and women. Besides human instinct and reproduction, it is mainly for pleasure. Some people may have experienced it, but some people haven't, so what's the sex life like? Especially in the whole process of making love, many inexperienced men and women are shy

All kinds of clinical data show that more and more female friends are infected with condyloma acuminatum, and the trend of infection is developing towards the direction of younger, so young female friends should pay more attention to condyloma acuminatum. In order to prevent this situation, I'd like