How to treat long freckles?

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Freckles are generally caused by heredity. In the later period, the meridians are blocked, causing blood stasis to stop and block. The heart blood can not reach the face of the skin and nourish the skin. The metabolic garbage, harmful substances and melanin in the skin can not be discharged with the normal metabolism of the human body, and gradually deposit to form freckles. In addition, ultraviolet radiation, the skin produces a lot of melanin, will also form freckles. How to treat long freckles? Next, I'd like to share my views with you.

How to treat long freckles?

First: white sandalwood. Here we need to prepare ten grams of sandalwood in advance. The sandalwood is mashed and beaten into juice. Before that, we should do some preparatory work, that is, after renting some millet, we can immerse millet in ice water for about a week, until the white foam appears on the surface of millet. Before that, we have to do some preparatory work, that is, some millet. After cooking, soak the millet in ice water for about a week and wait until the white foam on the surface of the millet filter. Mix the prepared white sandalwood with millet. Before going to bed at night, wash your face with warm water first, and then spread the magic weapon evenly on the freckled parts of your face, and wash it off the next day.

Second, aloe. We also need to prepare a fresh aloe leaf. After the aloe leaves are washed clean, the surface is peeled and the mesophyll is mashed into mud. After mashing, the juice is extracted just like sandalwood. After the wedding night, add a spoonful of flour and a spoonful of honey. Then stir thoroughly. Also, after washing your face before going to bed, apply it on your face. It will take about ten minutes, and then clean it with warm water.

Third, peach blossom. Peach blossom is only available in certain seasons, but we can go to the drugstore to buy some dried peach blossom and wax gourd seeds. Use four to five dried peach flowers at a time. First grind the dried peach blossom into fine powder. Similarly, remove the shell of the wax gourd seeds and grind them into fine powder. After mixing the two kinds of powder, add honey and stir them well. Apply the freckled parts on the face before going to bed and clean them the next day.

matters needing attention

Often drink water and eat fruit, which is conducive to the elimination of body toxins, especially intestinal toxins. When the body is clean, the spots on the face may also be eliminated a lot. For facial massage, you can go to a beauty salon to recuperate, or massage yourself at home to promote the repair of facial skin, accelerate circulation, fade spots, or even eliminate them.