How to maintain after curettage?

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Curettage surgery is a common gynecological surgery, in short, it is a kind of abortion, this operation is widely used in clinical practice, but also solves the problem of many unexpected pregnant women, but because curettage surgery is invasive, so it is bound to cause some damage to women's uterus, then, how to do the curettage surgery maintenance? Next, let's talk about this problem.

How to maintain after curettage?

Usually, women need to rest in the hospital for about 1 hour after curettage. If they have abdominal pain, abdominal spasm and other symptoms during this period, they can also find a doctor to solve them at the first time. If there is no discomfort, you can leave the hospital. Because women may sweat a lot during the operation, they should pay special attention to keeping warm after the operation, especially the abdomen and sole of feet, so as to avoid discomfort caused by cold.

Usually, women will have vaginal bleeding within two weeks after curettage, usually the amount of bleeding will not be more than the amount of menstruation. During this period, women should pay attention to frequently change sanitary napkins, and do not change sanitary napkins for a long time, otherwise bacteria will grow on the surface of sanitary napkins, which is easy to cause vaginal infection. Every night before going to bed, women can also use normal saline to clean their vulva, and then wipe it with a clean, dry towel. The towel that wipes vulva should be washed and disinfected frequently.

Although curettage is a relatively small operation, it will also damage the vitality of the human body. Therefore, women should pay attention to supplement nutrition after surgery, eat more food with high protein and vitamin content, and do not eat any irritating and greasy food. The diet should be light. Usually, you can drink more black chicken soup, pig's hoof soup and other nourishing soup.

matters needing attention

I believe you have already understood how to maintain the curettage operation. While doing a good job in hygiene and diet management, female friends should also pay attention to proper rest. After the operation, they should not carry out heavy physical labor too early, let alone have sex with their partners too early. If you have any physical abnormalities during this period, you should go to the hospital as soon as possible, and never take medicine by yourself.