How to deal with varicocele

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Varicocele refers to the varicocele in the varicocele due to backflow obstruction, and the appearance of tortuous expansion. It is a common disease in young and middle-aged people. It refers to the vasodilation of the spermatic cord tendril plexus (venous plexus) caused by the blood stasis of the spermatic vein. Don't panic. Let me know how to deal with the varicocele.

How to deal with varicocele

First, the contrast agent was injected into the internal spermatic vein through femoral vein, and the degree of contrast agent countercurrent was observed. When the length of contrast medium countercurrent in spermatic vein reaches 5cm, it is mild; when the countercurrent reaches l1-5 level, it is moderate; when the countercurrent reaches scrotum, it is severe.

Second: the symptoms of primary varicocele can be treated by high ligation of internal spermatic vein through inguinal canal, laparoscopic operation, high ligation of internal spermatic vein through retroperitoneum and interventional embolization of spermatic vein. The effect of treatment will be very good, recovery can be faster.

Third: can be conservative treatment, that is, through rest, wear tight underwear, reduce strenuous exercise, the appropriate use of blood activating drugs to treat, and moderate, severe or with infertility or semen abnormalities, it is necessary to go to the regular hospital for surgery.

matters needing attention

The above is about the varicocele how to deal with the answer. People with strong sexual excitement are more likely to have varicocele. If the sexual desire is strong, or even the sexual behavior is frequent, then the long-term congestion of sexual organs is an important reason for the formation of varicocele. Active treatment of genitourinary infection, multiple reproductive diseases can also cause varicocele diseases, such as prostatitis, urethritis, active treatment of these common diseases is an important process to prevent varicocele.