What's the reason for the slow metabolism of women in their 40s

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Women in their 40s have a slow metabolism, which occurs in many people's lives. Especially in spring and autumn, a person's metabolic rate is a symbol of a person's vitality. When a person reaches 40, his metabolism will gradually slow down. At this time, the body's metabolic function or cell regeneration function will slow down. Therefore, for his own image, Many people want to know how to speed up their metabolism. If you can speed up a person's metabolism, you can increase a person's vitality, and you can keep a person's body young.

What's the reason for the slow metabolism of women in their 40s

First: when exercising, even if a person doesn't move, he is also consuming calories, and the more muscular the person is, the higher the basal metabolic rate is. Each pound of muscle consumes about 6 calories a day to maintain, while each pound of fat consumes only 2 calories a day. This small difference will make a big difference over time.

Second: after a group of endurance training, the muscles of the whole body are activated, and the daily average metabolic rate is increased. Increasing the intensity of exercise, although aerobic exercise can not shape large muscle groups, it can improve the metabolic speed within a few hours after exercise. The key is to actively participate.

Third: in the energy metabolism can not do without the help of water, if you are in a mild dehydration state, metabolism will slow down. A study has shown that adults who drink more than eight glasses of water a day consume more calories than those who only drink four. Drinking a glass of water or other sugar free drinks before each meal or snack can keep the body hydrated.

matters needing attention

In life, pay attention not to eat too much at one meal, but to eat less and more meals. If you eat a big meal every few hours, it will slow down your metabolism. If you eat a small amount of rice or snacks every 3 to 4 hours, you can keep metabolism running at a high speed, so you can consume more calories in a day. Many studies have also shown that regular intake of snacks and other foods can reduce food intake at dinner. Eat spicy food. Spicy food contains some compounds, which can promote the metabolism of the body to run at a high speed. For example, a large spoon of chopped pepper can temporarily increase the metabolic rate by 23%.