Can wisdom tooth be pulled out

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Many teenagers may pay less attention to teeth when they grow up. At a certain age, children will slowly grow wisdom teeth. At the beginning, they are very painful, and the whole gums are painful. Many people want to pull them out. Now I'll share with you whether wisdom teeth can be pulled out. I hope it can help you.

Can wisdom tooth be pulled out

First: wisdom teeth can be extracted. For a short period of time when wisdom teeth are long, it is very difficult to eat because of tooth pain every day. Therefore, if we find that wisdom teeth are decayed, for the sake of the health of other teeth, we should recommend the extraction of wisdom teeth. Only in this way can we avoid future problems.

Second: in the process of growing wisdom teeth, the reason why our whole gums are so painful is that our wisdom teeth grow late, so they have no extra space to stand on, so when they are covered, they will squeeze the adjacent teeth, causing gingival swelling and pain.

Third, the shape of wisdom teeth is strange, especially in the innermost part of the whole gums. It is difficult for us to clean those crooked wisdom teeth, so it is often difficult to clean the teeth, resulting in tooth decay.

matters needing attention

Also need to pay attention to: oral health, do not eat hard and irritating food, can not stimulate the mouth, it is best to eat more cooked food during inflammation, do not waste teeth, more conducive to recovery.