How can go spot

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It's not only the spot on our face that makes us uncomfortable. Everyone wants his skin to be bright and beautiful. It's everyone's nature to pursue beauty. So how to get rid of these spots on the face? What's a good way? Now let's take a look.

How can go spot

Method 1: take a fresh egg, wash, soak in a jin of high-quality rice vinegar, wait for about a month, the eggshell will dissolve in the vinegar, so every day take a spoonful of vinegar egg liquid into warm water to drink, so adhere to the effect is very good, can sweep away all the spots on the face. In addition, the egg is soaked in vinegar for a few days. When the eggshell softens, take it out and break it. Apply the egg white on the spot and wash it off for 15 minutes. Stick to it every day.

Method 2: first of all, dissolve vinegar and salt in water. After mixing, gently wipe the spot on the face with cotton pad. Every morning and evening each time, rub a few times is OK, the effect is better, so adhere to a month, the skin will be white and tender, as delicate as a baby.

Method 3: white vinegar and glycerin mixed, and then, put Astragalus in it, the effect will be more. Because Astragalus is also a very good drug. It is also good for the body to remove spots and beauty. Although it will feel a little wet and sticky, there is no need to wipe skin cream after use.

matters needing attention

To avoid the abuse of cosmetics, as well as the use of inferior cosmetics. Pay attention to sunscreen, and use isolation sunscreen, etc. Eat more fresh vegetables, such as carrots, spinach, amaranth, etc. Eat more water containing fruits: oranges, watermelons, peaches, etc. Keep exercising in your life.