Early symptoms of female rectal cancer?

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Constipation and diarrhea often alternate with each other, which may be rectal cancer. Rectal cancer can lead to constipation, stool bleeding and other symptoms. Generally, rectal cancer is found to be in the late stage, which poses a threat to our lives. Therefore, we must understand the early symptoms and manifestations of rectal cancer, so as to treat it in time.

Early symptoms of female rectal cancer?

First, in the early stage of rectal cancer, the symptoms are constipation, diarrhea and so on. The increase in the frequency of defecation is also an important manifestation of rectal cancer, but it is generally thought that intestinal diseases lead to misdiagnosis, which will cause more serious harm, so we should choose a professional hospital for examination.

Second, most of the early symptoms of rectal cancer are stool difficulty or stool shape, stool habits change, and bloody stool. When these conditions appear, we should pay attention to them and treat them in time, so as not to miss the best opportunity for treatment.

Third, the early symptoms of rectal cancer include changes in bowel habits, bloody stools, abdominal pain and other major symptoms. In daily life, we should pay attention to reasonable nutrition, try our best to transfer food, eat more high protein, multi vitamins, low animal fat, digestible food and fresh fruits and vegetables, and do not eat old, deteriorated or irritating things.

matters needing attention

Rectal cancer patients must pay attention to their physical condition at any time, do early detection and early treatment, usually pay attention to diet, prohibit eating spicy food.