What reason is darling sleep at night love perspire

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My baby is one year old. Recently, it's easy to sweat at night or during the day. Sometimes it's very cold and easy to sweat. It's not hot at all. At first I thought it was hot, but later I checked the trace elements to know that it was because of calcium deficiency. What's the reason for baby's sweating at night? Let me tell you.

What reason is darling sleep at night love perspire

First: first of all, you should often take your baby out to bask in the sun, direct contact with the sunlight, the first is about sterilization, the second is indirect calcium supplement, no medicine will obviously improve

Second: secondly, rice supplement. We all know that shrimps can supplement calcium very well. We chop shrimps and put them in porridge or make dumplings. I basically put them in porridge and give them to him when eating. He also likes to eat them. And it's economical and affordable. Drink more big bone soup. It's better to put some kelp in it. Kelp bone also contains a lot of calcium.

Third: it is not recommended to use the method, but I have also used many methods that Bao's mother often uses, that is, taking calcium tablets. What I give my baby is calcium, iron and zinc from Harbin sixth pharmaceutical factory, and Diqiao calcium. Although very effective, but I personally feel that eating these calcium tablets should have certain side effects, or tonic more assured.

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Usually to avoid excessive fatigue, more to ensure adequate sleep. Keep a good mood and avoid being too nervous and depressed. But also to strengthen physical exercise, enhance the body's resistance.