What reason is insomnia a week before menstruation

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Insomnia, it is a pain to death. I believe everyone will have insomnia experience, whether it is one day, two days, or a month. Must have tried the pain of insomnia. Me too, but what's the cause of insomnia? I'd like to talk about the reasons for this situation and hope to help you.

What reason is insomnia a week before menstruation

First, there is a lot of pressure. Our daily life and work pressure is particularly big, it is easy to cause insomnia. So for this situation, I suggest that we must shift the target and not stare at the pressure, which will amplify the pressure more and more. Find a suitable way to vent, such as going to the gym to play sandbags, running or shouting, which are good ways to release pressure.

Second: if it is insomnia caused by unhealthy diet, it is recommended to eat more fresh vegetables. Fruit inside, do not eat high protein food, such as eggs, meat and so on. Before going to bed, don't eat too much high-fat food, it's not easy to fall asleep, and it's not easy to digest.

Third: if it's insomnia caused by heart disease or other physical diseases, we suggest that you often drink some health porridge, such as red dates, Coix rice porridge, longan and Zaoren porridge. They're all very good ingredients. It can improve insomnia. More exercise on weekdays. Long term insomnia, it is recommended to go to the hospital for medical treatment, which may be a sign of other body lesions, it is recommended to consult a doctor.

matters needing attention

psychological factor. Generally, people who are impatient and have twists and turns are more likely to suffer from insomnia. They usually forget to close the door, take the key and turn off the computer.