What reason does breast have lump

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Long term bad mood can lead to breast fibroma. For example, most of the patients with emotional anxiety, tension, uneasiness, irritability and other emotions, they lack calm thinking about all kinds of external stimuli, and their reactions are too strong, so it is difficult to calm down after emotional stimulation. Thus leading to pituitary dysfunction, resulting in high estrogen, progesterone deficiency, resulting in the disorder of breast structure, leading to breast fibroma. Breast has lump what reason to tell everybody.

What reason does breast have lump

First: breast mass is the main clinical symptom of breast fibroma, and in most cases, it is the only symptom. As breast fibroma mass is generally not accompanied by pain, nor does it change with the menstrual cycle as lobular hyperplasia, it is difficult to detect, most patients are found unintentionally or during physical examination. Monthly breast self-examination and annual breast ultrasound examination are simple and economical methods for early detection of breast fibroma.

Second, the excessive acidification of body tissue fluid, body cells in acid body fluid, and then the formation of normal cells, dissolved oxygen decreased, resulting in the decline of cell viability, metabolic cycle slowed down, normal cells can not survive, but there are also cells that do not hesitate to change chromosomes to take the initiative to mutate, cell phenotype changes. These are the causes of breast fibroma.

Third: The long-term unreasonable diet structure, bad living habits and excessive psychological pressure lead to the acidification of the body, the decline of the body's function, and then slow down the body's metabolic cycle, a large amount of this material deposited in the body can not be discharged, resulting in a variety of causes of breast fibroma, such as poor Qi and blood, endocrine hormone imbalance, menstrual imbalance and so on.

matters needing attention

1. Isoflavones are contained in soybean food and soybean processed food. Isoflavones can reduce the estrogen level in female Xing's body, reduce breast discomfort, inhibit the occurrence of breast diseases, and are beneficial to breast health. 2. Iodine in food containing iodine can promote luteinization of ovarian follicles, reduce the level of estrogen in the body and eliminate the hidden danger of breast diseases. Kelp contains a lot of iodine, kelp also has the function of soft and hard, eliminating pain and reducing mass. Breast disease patients should eat kelp 1-2 times a week, such as cold shredded kelp, spareribs and soybean stewed kelp.