What are the symptoms of mental retardation

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For parents, their children don't need to be smart, as long as they can grow up healthily and happily. However, some parents encounter this situation. Their children are more than one year old, but they can only call their parents. Other people's children can walk and speak a lot, so they don't trust to go to the hospital for examination, and then they know that they are suffering from mental retardation, What are the symptoms of mental retardation.

What are the symptoms of mental retardation

If the parents of mentally retarded children don't pay attention, they won't find it. When they think the children are strange, going to check will delay the treatment, so it's very necessary to understand the signs of mentally retarded children. The mentally retarded children will generally behave dull and drool, which seems very abnormal among the children.

Children suffering from mental retardation are also more strange in behavior. They will hit people with hyperactivity symptoms, and sometimes they will be absent-minded. Adults say nothing and do not respond. Parents who do not understand the symptoms of mental retardation will think that it is normal for their children to do so. Therefore, it should be noted that once such behavior occurs, parents must take their children to the hospital for examination.

Mentally retarded children in life, no one coax, for no reason will laugh, and laugh for a long time, see things are not very clear, and someone called him when the reaction is very slow, but also called several times to reflect, mental retardation symptoms to children's life is very big, so we should pay attention to.

matters needing attention

The above is an introduction to the physical signs of mentally retarded children. Parents should pay attention to this brain tonic disease, and take their children to check their brain every year. This can prevent the appearance of mentally retarded children and treat them in time.