How is baby shed earwax to return a responsibility

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It is often found that when the baby is sleeping, there will be a lot of earwax on the side of his ear. When he holds up the baby, he will see a lot of earwax in his ear. Now we should know about this disease, and it is still very deep, and there will be a lot of earwax in two days. I really want to know what causes more earwax. Then a friend told me that there is no need to do it deliberately Yes, the baby's ears are self-cleaning ability, do not need to let parents to clean up the baby, if you find ear canal side earwax is too much, with a wet towel to wipe it. So what's the matter with a lot of earwax. Let's take a look at the following.

How is baby shed earwax to return a responsibility

First: 1 many parents think that the baby's earwax is harmful to the baby, so they often use toothpicks or cotton swabs to help the baby take out the earwax. In fact, this is harmful to the baby's health. The baby's external auditory canal is far from mature, and the skin of the ear is particularly delicate. If you often take out earwax for your baby, it will cause some adverse consequences, which will lead to hearing loss.

Second: through research, it is found that if you often take out ear excrement, the skin of external auditory canal will be stimulated, which will lead to papilloma of external auditory canal. Although this kind of tumor is benign and can be removed by surgical method, it is easy to relapse after resection, and it is easy to turn into cancer if it occurs repeatedly. What a terrible thing that would be. So we need to pay more attention.

Third: if the baby's ear wax with the naked eye can see when it is not very hard, you can use a wet towel ring, and then slowly extend to the baby's ear inside, gently turn, so that you can turn out, but the premise must ensure that the baby does not move the case can be operated. Don't let your baby move when it's stimulated. What we put in can hurt the baby.

matters needing attention

In fact, we can prepare the cotton ball dipped with the medicine, and then go to the baby's ear when the baby is sleeping, and then gently turn the eyeball, and then take out the cotton ball after a while, so that part of the earwax will be brought out. This method has little effect on the baby's ears. Baby external ear canal cleaning can not be ignored, to avoid digging out the earwax fall into where.