Can vitiligo be contagious

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Is vitiligo contagious? I am a vitiligo patient, a high school girl. A year ago, I found that white spots began to appear on my neck. I didn't care at that time, so that when the white spots spread to the cheek, I asked my mother to take me to the hospital. The diagnosis was vitiligo. Let's talk about vitiligo in detail today.

Can vitiligo be contagious

First of all: leukoplakia is not infectious, infection is a parasitism of pathogens on others, leukoplakia is the immune system and pigment metabolism disorders, it is recommended that you go to treatment as soon as possible, for leukoplakia this disease advocate early detection, early treatment, early recovery.

Secondly: leukoplakia is due to local skin melanin metabolism disorder caused by decolorization changes, do not have pathogens, no source of infection, so it will not be infected, usually pay attention to health, and pay attention to sunscreen in summer, ultraviolet rays will also affect the skin melanin, all to prevent.

Finally: leukoplakia is different from other infectious diseases in essence. Leukoplakia is not infectious, so it has nothing to do with the physical contact of patients with leukoplakia, and it will not be infected. For patients with leukoplakia, they should go to the regular hospital as soon as possible for examination, and then determine their own treatment methods.

matters needing attention

For patients with leukoplakia this disease, should be early to the regular hospital for examination and treatment, in daily life, but also timely correct some bad habits, in the diet must avoid contact with spicy and other irritating food, leukoplakia is a skin disease caused by local pigment loss, but leukoplakia has no source of infection And pathogens.