Is liver function normal in patients with hepatitis?

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Surgery is an effective method for the treatment of severe hepatitis. In our daily life, we need to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. Understanding the nutritional and metabolic characteristics of patients during the perioperative period is helpful to correctly grasp the opportunity of surgery and improve the quality of life of patients. Severe hepatitis patients may have liver metabolic disorders, protein malnutrition, energy metabolism disorders, gastrointestinal dysfunction during perioperative period. So let's understand whether the liver function of patients with hepatitis is normal??

Is liver function normal in patients with hepatitis?

First: the liver function of patients with hepatitis is normal, individualized treatment of severe hepatitis. Because different patients may have different chronic liver diseases, we should grasp the main contradiction and carry out targeted treatment.

Second: early diagnosis, early treatment of severe hepatitis. Patients with liver disease in the early onset of symptoms of severe hepatitis, such as severe gastrointestinal symptoms, and progressive deepening, at this time active treatment, the effect is better, and when there is obvious biochemical indicators of liver failure, the same treatment of severe hepatitis, the effect may be very little. Whether liver failure can be reversed or not depends on the number of living hepatocytes and their regeneration ability. If the hepatocytes are completely necrotic, that is to say, the basis of regeneration is lost, any treatment is difficult to reverse. Therefore, the treatment of early severe hepatitis is of great significance to the prognosis.

Third: due to the rapid progress of severe liver disease, we can not wait as much as common diseases. If signs of infection are found, powerful and broad-spectrum antibiotics should be used earlier, and it is not necessary to wait until the clinical treatment of severe hepatitis is very obvious; To ensure the effective blood volume, so as to avoid the occurrence of renal failure. The treatment of predictive severe hepatitis can prevent various organ functions from being affected one by one and the occurrence of vicious circle, and win time for the repair of liver cells.

matters needing attention

Diet is one of the important factors of treatment, which generally emphasizes three high and one low, that is, high sugar, high protein, high vitamin and low fat. This is considered from the protection of liver cells and the promotion of their repair. Protein is the material of hepatocyte repair and regeneration, sugar can provide energy, vitamins can promote the normal material metabolism of cells, low fat can reduce the burden of fat metabolism on the liver.