What is the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer, pay attention to health!

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Different diseases occur in different people and have different manifestations, Breast cancer patients, some people will be surprised or insipid, chemotherapy is very difficult to pass a stage, during chemotherapy, many women because of the different effects of drugs on the individual body, patients feel different, but all people will feel uncomfortable, reasonable diet is very important, as a more complex disease, what is the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer Yes, pay attention to hygiene! How can it be?

What is the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer, pay attention to health!

First: kumquat leaf flower tea. How to drink: clean 3 kumquat leaves, dry them in the sun and cut them into pieces. When ready, put them into the pot, add appropriate amount of water and cook them for half an hour. After that, filter the residue with gauze and leave the soup in the container. It can be used as a tea drink, once in the morning and once in the evening.

Second: Cistanche guishaomi drink. Drinking method: clean the above materials, remove impurities, clean them with water, then dry them in the air and cut them into pieces. After everything is ready, put the materials into the casserole, add some water, soak the materials for a while, and then open fire to boil for 30 minutes. After cooking, wrap the material with clean gauze, filter out the residue, and put the soup in a container for storage. Take it while it's hot, add some honey, taste better, take it in the morning and afternoon.

Third: kelp tofu soup. Practice: kelp cut section, tofu 1, boiled soup diet. Seasoning according to the conventional addition, can add a little vinegar.

matters needing attention

Pay attention to the cleanliness of breasts and nipples. In order to ensure the health of infants, breast-feeding should be suspended. However, if the infection is not serious and the systemic reaction is mild, the baby can be allowed to suck milk to reduce the siltation. Hold up the breast with a towel or bra. At the end of the abscess, it can reduce the pain and make the pus flow smoothly.