What's wrong with yawning, tedo

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In school, when the teacher saw the students yawning, he would go to remind them whether they were going to sleep or not. In fact, generally speaking, yawning is caused by brain hypoxia caused by overwork, which can effectively supplement the oxygen needed by the human body and keep the brain healthy, If you often yawn, it may be because you are tired or sleepy, so you should go to bed in time. Let's take a look at the following.

What's wrong with yawning, tedo

First: people will yawn. It's an instinctive reaction. In fact, it's an artificial reaction on the surface. But sometimes yawning is the same as the heartbeat and breathing of the human body. We normal people can't control this kind of behavior.

Second: sometimes, the lack of oxygen in human brain cells may lead to the phenomenon of yawning, which is also a physiological relief process, so don't be too nervous. In fact, when we observe the fetus in the abdomen, we can see that children will also yawn in the mother's stomach, which is a physiological reaction.

Third: yawning is also a kind of sleepy performance, some people due to excessive fatigue or long-term excessive brain use may also lead to the phenomenon of yawning, in the process of yawning, can effectively alleviate the symptoms of fatigue, is also better for people's health, yawning is to rest.

matters needing attention

Many people will yawn. Yawning is a common phenomenon, so don't feel embarrassed. If you yawn regularly, it may be caused by long-term fatigue.