Symptoms of pregnancy after artificial insemination

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Generally, the symptoms of pregnancy will be reflected after two months, but everyone's situation will be different. Therefore, this can only be measured by yourself. Some people will have menstruation during pregnancy, some people will vomit from the early pregnancy to the birth of a child, and some people will have swollen feet. Symptoms of pregnancy after artificial insemination, I'll tell you about it.

Symptoms of pregnancy after artificial insemination

Pregnant women at the beginning of pregnancy often feel tired, this time you should let it be, not easy to work. However, this period will not be too long. It will generally pass soon. There is also vomiting. In general, to prevent this situation, we should eat less and eat more meals during the day, and avoid fasting, otherwise it will increase the sense of vomiting. Secondly, we don't have to get up in the morning to supplement some biscuits, candy and other things.

Pregnant women should not be busy cooking in the kitchen. The smell of cooking fumes in the kitchen will aggravate pregnancy and vomiting. At this time, the husband will play a role. The husband should take more housework and be considerate of his wife. Pregnant women are more suitable to eat lighter and digestible food. To keep in a good mood at any time, listen to more soothing music and books. If you have time, do prenatal education. The baby can feel her mother's mood.

Pregnant breast pain is a normal phenomenon, oh, the purpose is to prepare for feeding the baby, generally lasts three to four months, so don't be nervous. There is no need for treatment, just need to change the bra in time, hold up the growing breast can, individual serious cases, can be relieved by hot compress. Or eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.

matters needing attention

In daily life, eat more fruits and vegetables, keep optimistic mood, pay attention not to fatigue, pay attention to the recovery of the body, in addition, if there are any symptoms should go to the hospital for examination, and corresponding treatment, these are to actively do.