What is the harm of laser freckle

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I don't know what happened recently. There are a lot of spots on my face. The more I look at them, the more annoying they are. Every time I go online, I can't help looking at those freckle removing products. I also checked a lot of relevant information. Now I'd like to talk about the harm of laser freckle removal.

What is the harm of laser freckle

First, the principle of laser freckle removal is to use different colors to be absorbed by different colors of skin, and use photon energy to make pigment particles disintegrate and vaporize, and then close blood vessels, and then discharge them out of the body by human microcirculation. Generally speaking, only the diseased cells can absorb the specific laser, so laser freckle treatment will not damage the normal skin, but only remove the pigmented tissue.

Second, laser freckle removal is based on the principle of selective photolysis of laser, that is, different wavelengths of laser can selectively act on different colors of skin, and with the help of the powerful instantaneous power of laser, highly concentrated radiation energy and pigment selectivity, the laser energy can concentrate on pigment particles, vaporize and crush them directly, and then discharge them out of the body through the lymphatic tissue And achieve the purpose of freckle.

Third: laser freckle on the human body is not harmful, we come from its principle of action, laser freckle is through the unique laser irradiation on the spot, the dermis pigmentation tissue absorbed, and its destruction and decomposition, and then follow the metabolism of the skin out of the body, fundamentally solve the trouble of the spot. Because laser freckle is a direct effect on the skin, so there will be no harm to the human body.

matters needing attention

The effect of laser freckle is certain, in fact, girls are afraid of long spots, it can be prevented in life, such as less stay up late, keep a healthy work and rest time, eat less spicy diet, work pressure is not too big and so on, but to freckle, do not use drugs at will.