How does psoriasis not itch to return a responsibility

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The red spot of the affected area has white dust. It itches when the weather is hot, mainly in the limbs. Today, let me tell you how psoriasis doesn't itch, which is the concern of everyone.

How does psoriasis not itch to return a responsibility

Reason 1: there are many reasons for psoriasis. Due to the humid living environment and cold weather, the disease can occur or aggravate. Therefore, patients should try to avoid the skin irritation caused by cold and heat, and keep the living room ventilated and dry.

Reason 2: psoriasis is also a local infection. Local infection is an important cause of psoriasis, especially after a cold, complicated with tonsillitis, tracheitis, need active treatment, try to shorten the course of the disease, tonsillitis repeatedly, and psoriasis attacks are closely related, can consider tonsillectomy, this is particularly important for young patients.

Reason 3: at the same time, there are some physical reasons leading to psoriasis. Daily life due to work pressure, bad rest, mental stress caused by emotional instability, worry, anger, and can not reasonably adjust the maintenance of the skin or long-term diet, no regular overeating, eat more fishy things, excessive drinking tea and external causes of cold, fever, tonsil inflammation, low immune function

matters needing attention

How to treat psoriasis, this is also a world problem. We must not suffer from this disease, because it is very difficult to cure. For a long time, the treatment of psoriasis is relatively single, the cure rate is low, psoriasis treatment has become a worldwide problem. "Multiple blood clearing and detoxification therapy" benefits psoriasis patients.