What reason is perineal ministry ache?

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In fact, we in our daily life pudendal pain we do not know what caused, women's pudendal is very weak, once the care is improper, often appear all kinds of symptoms. There are many treatments for this disease, and the pain is more unbearable, especially when urinating and loving. Because of pain, it often affects the quality of sexual life, and then affects the relationship between husband and wife. Let's take a look at the following content, what is the cause of perineal pain

What reason is perineal ministry ache?

First: mycotic vaginitis. This kind of inflammation is very common, it is infected by fungi, and fungi are everywhere in our lives. For example, bad luck and beriberi, and usually wash underwear or towel and do not pay attention to cleaning, it is easy to suffer from fungal vaginitis. After inflammation, it's easy to ache when you love.

Second: love liquid is blocked. Normal women in sexual life, the vagina will secrete a lubricant, can reduce the pain of friction. While some women's glands are blocked, they can't secrete love liquid during sex, and they are naturally in great pain.

Third: the body is not good at oxalate metabolism. Many foods, such as strawberries, spinach, tomatoes and so on, contain a lot of oxalic acid, and some women's bodies are not good at oxalic acid metabolism. These oxalic acids accumulate in the body to form oxalate, which can stimulate a woman's pudenda and cause pain when urinating.

matters needing attention

We should always pay attention to the hygiene of sex life and keep it clean. Both husband and wife should clean it to prevent bacteria, mold, and other bacteria from being brought into the girl's private places and causing inflammation. Don't have sex with your female friends during their menstruation.