Neurasthenia symptom face?

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Neurasthenia is a kind of psychological disease. After this kind of disease, people's nerves are often excited, but people's brain power is easy to fatigue. People with neurasthenia often have emotional distress, whether it's psychological or physical, there will be some obstacles. Recently, people with neurasthenia eat a little Ganoderma lucidum tea every day, because Ganoderma lucidum has a calming effect, especially useful for neurasthenia. Neurasthenia may be related to the long-term nervous state of the brain, because if the brain is nervous for a long time, the body will spontaneously produce some inhibition mechanism to inhibit the nervous state of the brain. However, this kind of nervous mechanism of the brain will cause neurasthenia instead.

Neurasthenia symptom face?

Neurasthenic people often feel energy, always give people a look of depression. The patient's mental function will decline, and memory will also decline. Patients will show mental activity is very slow, whether it is learning or work efficiency is extremely low, often can not focus well.

Slight neurasthenia phenomenon as long as the appropriate rest can be eliminated, but if the neurasthenia is more serious people need to go to the hospital to check, see if there are organic lesions of body organs. Generally speaking, people with neurasthenia are very excited and very tired.

Once the neurasthenia, people are often impulsive when they encounter things, and they are always irritable and easy to get angry. They often worry that their work at hand can not be completed on time, which in turn aggravates the neurasthenia. Some people will feel headache or muscle ache after neurasthenia.

matters needing attention

Neurasthenic people sleep disorders, it is not easy to fall asleep at night, even if you fall asleep will often dream. Such people must not stay up late at night and form the habit of sleeping on time. Only when the brain is fully rested will it have energy during the day.