Good pregnant symptom cold?

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Early pregnancy pregnant women will have a lot of special physiological reactions, as just become a mother to be, the most concerned is the early pregnancy symptoms, there are many women in early pregnancy will have cold symptoms, so, easy to catch a cold is the early pregnancy symptoms? Let's talk about it.

Good pregnant symptom cold?

Pregnant women belong to the special constitution of the population, women's immunity will decline after pregnancy, which leads to many women in early pregnancy, in addition to the common early pregnancy symptoms, it is also easy to have a cold.

The early stage of pregnancy (1-3 months of pregnancy) is the key period for the formation of placenta and the differentiation of various organs of embryo. Influenza virus invades the body and produces toxin. The toxin acts on the body and causes metabolic disorder and body temperature rise. High fever and toxin can directly damage fetal brain cells and cause postnatal mental retardation.

Early pregnancy symptoms of cold should be actively treated. For mild cold, only nasal congestion, mild headache generally do not need medication, should drink more boiled water, full rest, can also be appropriate to use some Chinese medicine, such as cold granules, cold capsules, etc., generally quickly self-healing.

matters needing attention

Late autumn and early winter are easy to catch cold season, and the best way to prevent cold is to ensure adequate sleep, avoid fatigue, make the body in a good state. Because it's best not to use drugs in the early stage of pregnancy, so it's very important to protect yourself from illness. It is suggested that women should be vaccinated against influenza during pregnancy.