What is the method that goes scar

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The scar on my hand was scalded when I was 2 years old. Now I'm 42 years old. I'm depressed and worried all the time. I want to have skin grafting. My scar is white. When I was young, my mother said that I burned it with cypress. Now that it's finally cured, I'd like to share with you some ways to remove scars.

What is the method that goes scar

Method 1: skin grafting: skin grafting is to remove part of the skin from the healthy skin to cover the area where the scar has been removed. Advantages: the wound is smooth after healing. Disadvantages: the donor site will leave scars. If there are a lot of tendon, bone tissue and blood vessels exposed in the wound, this method is not suitable. Indications: skin defects and atrophic scars caused by various reasons.

Method 2: autologous epidermal cell transplantation: autologous epidermal cell transplantation is to transplant the epidermal melanocytes of healthy skin to the white spot to supplement the melanocytes in the white spot. Advantages: less pain, fast recovery, no need to consolidate treatment with drugs.

Method 3: compression therapy (pressure therapy): compression therapy is mainly in the scar close to the beauty adhesive tape, and in the above forced fixed-point massage, through the pressure, make the scar vascular lumen narrow, reduce blood flow, cause scar tissue lack of nutrition, scar tissue proliferation by obvious inhibition, and achieve the purpose of treatment of scar.

matters needing attention

Attention should be paid to this disease: radiotherapy is suitable for superficial hypertrophic scars. When radiotherapy is applied to scar sites, superficial X-ray and β - ray can significantly reduce the number of fibroblasts in scar tissue, damage their function, reduce the synthesis of collagen fibers and matrix, and increase the decomposition of collagen fibers, so as to flatten and soften the scar sites.