What symptom does crus fracture have

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In life, we should pay attention to self-care, always put our health in the first place, and get attention when we find abnormal conditions. In real life, accidents are absolutely inevitable. No matter who wants to have this kind of misfortune, we should pay attention to protecting ourselves. When there are accidents, fracture is the most common problem, Fracture can be closed and open two, the former skin integrity, the latter skin will appear rupture, after fracture, such as treatment is not timely will cause serious complications, let's take a look at the following content.

What symptom does crus fracture have

The first one is pain and tenderness. After fracture, local tissue injury or spasm of some muscles can cause different degrees of pain. There are obvious localized tenderness and percussion pain on the fracture site, which are often the basis for judging whether there are fracture symptoms.

Second, there is local swelling and skin abrasion. After fracture, local blood vessels will be damaged, which will block the collaterals and cause swelling. If there is more bleeding at the fracture site, there may be plaque. If the myofascial integrity at the fracture site prevents bleeding from overflowing, it will cause muscle ischemia and hypoxia.

Third: there is the patient's temperature continued to rise for a long time, more than 38 degrees, accompanied by headache, chills, discomfort, should consider the possibility of infection. After fracture, due to blood exchange and qi stagnation, the symptoms of fracture will be accompanied by thirst, bitterness and short red urine and other discomfort.

matters needing attention

Finally, we want to say that some people think that after fracture, adding more calcium can accelerate the healing of the broken bone. In fact, increasing the amount of calcium can not accelerate the healing of the broken bone. We should pay more attention to long-term bedridden fracture patients.