Chronic pelvic syndrome symptoms?

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Pelvic inflammatory disease as one of the female common gynecological inflammation, the human body, before the general symptoms, there will be some specific warning, but we inadvertently ignored that it is only accidental, did not pay attention to its existence, the following is to talk about the common pelvic inflammatory disease symptoms, to the majority of female compatriots play a warning role. Chronic pelvic syndrome symptoms? Let's talk about it.

Chronic pelvic syndrome symptoms?

First, the main symptoms of acute pelvic inflammation are lower abdominal pain, fever, increased vaginal secretions, abdominal pain is persistent, aggravated after activity or sexual intercourse. If the condition is serious, there may be shivering, high fever, headache and loss of appetite. The further development of acute pelvic inflammatory disease can cause diffuse peritonitis, sepsis, septic shock, and even life-threatening in severe cases.

Second: chronic pelvic inflammatory disease is caused by the lack of timely treatment of acute pelvic inflammatory disease. The symptoms of chronic pelvic inflammatory disease are lower abdominal distension, pain and lumbosacral soreness, which are often aggravated after fatigue, sexual intercourse and menstruation. The second is abnormal menstruation, showing rare menstruation and amenorrhea, sometimes there may be dysmenorrhea. According to the age advance, delay, cycle, menstrual period and menstrual volume changes.

Third: pelvic inflammatory disease complications due to a long time did not cure pelvic inflammatory disease, women may appear mental depression, physical discomfort, insomnia, dreaminess and other symptoms of neurasthenia. Often for a long time can not be cured, repeated attacks, leading to infertility, tubal pregnancy, seriously affecting women's health and the next generation of training.

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Looking at these, we know what the early symptoms of pelvic cancer are. For their own health, do a good job in daily prevention, such as the emergence of related symptoms, please treat as soon as possible, and strive for early recovery.