What reason is secondary infertility

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After I married my girlfriend, I didn't have a baby. I don't know why, I went to the hospital to check. The doctor said that it was my fallopian tube obstruction. The doctor was still very good. He gave timely diagnosis and treatment, and my mood became better. Today, let me talk about the reasons for secondary infertility.

What reason is secondary infertility

Symptom 1: amenorrhea is more than 18 years old, and there is no official tide at the end of the month. Amenorrhea causes a lot of infertility. The latter can be divided into uterine, ovarian, pituitary and hypothalamic according to the lesion location.

Symptom 2: menstrual disorder, menstrual cycle change: menstruation early or delayed; menstrual change: too much, too little; menstrual extension: common in luteal insufficiency and endometritis.

Symptom 3: suffering from endometriosis when a woman finds that she has abnormal clinical manifestations such as bleeding, dysmenorrhea, periodic rectal distension, and anal distension, accompanied by pain reactions such as low back pain and sexual intercourse pain, she should consider the possibility of suffering from endometriosis. This can lead to infertility in 75% of women can not be taken lightly.

matters needing attention

At present, people's work is really tense and social intercourse is more, but some bad living habits will cause the decline of sperm motility, such as irregular life, sedentary, spicy diet and so on. Therefore, should pay attention not to drink, spicy, do not wear or less jeans, do not wash or less sauna, avoid high temperature and radiation working environment.