How to get rid of flat wart

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Verruca plana is a kind of benign skin vegetative bacteria caused by verruca virus infection. The most common group of this disease is teenagers. Usually, this disease occurs on the face and back of hands. Vulnerable to their own infection, but also easy to infect other people, so this skin disease should also pay more attention. Let me share how to get rid of verruca plana.

How to get rid of flat wart

The first way: first of all, it is suggested that you should have a balanced diet. You should not be picky about food. Your colleagues should mainly eat staple food. If conditions permit, try to eat more green vegetables and other food. Remember to never eat big fish and meat, high protein and high fat food. Because these foods have a high incidence of food, it will bring a lot of impact on the infection of the disease, so it is suggested that vegetable dishes should be given priority to.

Second method: If you or your friends suffer from this disease, the first step should be to pay attention to some details of daily life, such as not eating fishy seafood and beef and mutton, and some spicy foods such as chili, etc. are also not allowed to eat. Moreover, this disease is infectious, and the best way is not to use the same food Toiletries and towels and clothes and so on.

Third method: Finally, what you need to pay attention to and understand is that flat wart is mainly caused by autoimmune decline but infection. It is suggested that in good conditions, do not choose cryotherapy or laser therapy, which is easy to leave scars on the skin. It is also recommended to choose a reasonable and suitable treatment. In addition, it is also necessary to pay attention not to often face the computer or boil Night or something.

matters needing attention

1. Patients should pay attention to personal hygiene, do not share cleaning equipment with others. 2. Avoid smoking, alcohol and spicy food, so as to avoid serious illness caused by fire. 3. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits to provide the vitamins your body needs. 4. Do not use topical skin ointment and ointment containing hormone to prevent skin wound from worsening. 5. Patients should not scratch the wound, because the nail contains a lot of bacteria, once scratched, it will only aggravate the development of the disease.