What reason is dot tooth easy haemorrhage

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Some parents often notice that their children's teeth are easy to bleed compared with their peers. When this happens, parents will be very confused and don't know where the problem is. Let me introduce to you the reasons why children's teeth are easy to bleed.

What reason is dot tooth easy haemorrhage

Reason 1: dental calculus stimulation: it is due to not brushing teeth often, so that some bacterial spots will be attached to the teeth. After slowly forming dental calculus, dental calculus will constantly stimulate the gums, which will cause gingival inflammation and bleeding.

Reason 2: caries cavity stimulation: after the teeth form dark brown caries cavity near the gum, the surrounding area is irregular and sharp, which often stimulates the gum to ulcerate and cause bleeding.

Cause 3: periodontal disease: when gingival edema, inflammation, new blood vessels congestion and expansion occur around the teeth, it is generally manifested as long as chewing or brushing teeth, often can cause bleeding. If periodontal disease occurs, it will develop into alveolar abscess or tooth loosening, which will easily lead to gingival bleeding.

matters needing attention

We must develop good oral hygiene habits, insist on brushing teeth in the morning and evening, gargle after meals to remove the dirt and food residues in the teeth, so as to prevent dental calculus and dental calculus, so as to prevent tooth bleeding.