Can Chinese medicine treat cataract

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Cataract, a common eye disease in the elderly. Cataract treatment, not only western medicine surgery, but also Chinese medicine. Because of its susceptibility to disease and blindness, it has become the first blinding eye disease in the world. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that there may be many reasons for cataract, such as insufficient Qi and blood, liver heat disturbance and so on. Therefore, different cases of cataract have different treatment methods. The following small make up for you to introduce a few Chinese medicine treatment of cataract, hope to help you.

Can Chinese medicine treat cataract

First: senile cataract, TCM can be divided into five types: liver and kidney yin deficiency, spleen and stomach qi deficiency, liver wind heat, deficiency of Qi and blood, deficiency of kidney yang. Can be symptomatic to take Dendrobium Noctiluca pills, Qiju Dihuang pills. Yiqi Mingmu pill, Shengqing Jiangzhuo decoction, Bazhen decoction, etc.

Second: congenital cataract, mostly spleen and kidney deficiency, treatment to tonify the spleen and kidney as the key. For some early cataracts, acupuncture therapy and acupoint injection therapy can also be used. Patients with severe cataract can be treated with gold needle cataract extraction, aspiration and posterior cataract extraction.

Third: traumatic cataract, mainly caused by trauma, mostly blood stasis stay, mainly to heat and blood stasis, eyesight as the key. It can be treated with Chuanxiong Daozi powder, shijueming powder, chufeng Yishu decoction, or Qiming pill.

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The above is the introduction of traditional Chinese medicine treatment of three kinds of cataract, I hope to help you. No matter what type of cataract, need to go to the regular hospital examination, under the guidance of the doctor to choose the appropriate method to treat.