What symptom does acuteness wet wart have

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In 2005, he suffered from a sharp point. Later, after laser treatment, he relapsed five times. In December last year, he had another operation. He thought that he would not relapse again. He didn't relapse in eight months. Unexpectedly, he found another one in October this year. After taking a lot of drugs, he obviously felt better. Next, I'll share with you the symptoms of condyloma acuminatum. It's my experience.

What symptom does acuteness wet wart have

Symptom 1: the disease is more common in young men and women with active sexual life. History of unclean sexual life or indirect contact infection and condyloma acuminatum of spouse. Condyloma acuminatum lesions will appear small reddish papules, and then gradually grow up, the surface is uneven, some cauliflower like, the root can have pedicle.

Symptom 2: the shape of wart body is various, common have cauliflower shape, papillary shape, chicken coronal shape, mushroom shape, papule shape. There are finger shape, strip shape, flat shape or irregular shape. Individual giant condyloma acuminatum can be fist shaped or bag shaped. The base of general wart body is smaller, narrower.

Symptom 3: the patient first infected with herpes virus, does not immediately show symptoms, first there is a period of incubation period, the onset site has a burning sensation, and then the patient's skin papules, pustules, after a period of time, pustules ulceration, this period of patients are often unbearable pain, the last lesions dry, scab.

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Warm tips: condyloma acuminatum is a kind of sexually transmitted disease with high recurrence rate, strong infectivity and difficult to cure clinically, and unclean sex life is the main mode of transmission. If not treated in time, it will affect your fertility in the future, even the risk of cancer in serious cases. However, although condyloma acuminatum is a stubborn venereal disease, it is not an incurable disease. As long as it is found early and treated scientifically, it can be completely cured.