Is trichomonal vaginitis a fungal infection

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Recently, I always feel uncomfortable in my lower body. I can't have sex any more. I only know it's trichomonal vaginitis after examination. After treatment, my condition has improved. Let me share with you whether trichomonal vaginitis is a fungal infection.

Is trichomonal vaginitis a fungal infection

First: vulva, vaginal mouth itching, tingling and burning.

Second: leucorrhea increased, and gradually changed to yellow white, gray yellow or yellow green, with foam, occasionally special odor.

Third: frequent urination, urgency and pain, sometimes hematuria can be seen. Some patients have abdominal pain, diarrhea and mucoid stool.

matters needing attention

Usually, try not to go to public swimming pools, hot springs, baths and other places. In case you go, do not use the public bath towel provided there. Once someone carries trichomonas and pollutes the water source or towel, you may be indirectly infected.