How long can psoriatic arthritis live

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Psoriatic arthritis is a type of psoriasis, often secondary to psoriasis vulgaris or repeated deterioration of psoriasis, let's briefly introduce how long psoriatic arthritis can live, so that patients can have a better understanding.

How long can psoriatic arthritis live

First: psoriatic arthritis belongs to a special type of psoriasis. In addition to the basic skin lesion symptoms of psoriasis vulgaris, such as erythema, scales, and punctate bleeding, psoriatic arthritis will be accompanied by certain joint lesions, making the patient's activities limited.

Second: Generally speaking, psoriatic arthritis does not affect the life span of patients, and the life span of patients with psoriasis is almost the same as that of normal people. Although pustular and arthritic psoriasis can be accompanied by joint or liver and kidney function damage, secondary infection, electrolyte disorder, etc., the death of patients is relatively rare.

Third: the application of topical drug therapy properly can have a good short-term effect on psoriasis.

matters needing attention

Ban spicy food, light diet, wash with warm water before going to bed at night, promote blood circulation, will improve your symptoms.