How does mole form

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There are a lot of friends with mole, I have a small mole on my arm, if it is a long base face will affect the beauty, then, how is mole formed? Let's talk about it.

How does mole form

First, intradermal nevus is mainly formed by cell division of large nevus, which is a kind of small nevus cells that tend to be more mature, and in the dermis and its surrounding connective tissue.

In case 2, the cells of nevus junctions exist at the junction of epidermis and dermis, presenting multiple nests with clear boundary and uniform distribution distance; the upper half of each nest is in the bottom layer of epidermis, and the lower half is in the superficial layer of dermis. These nevus cells are large nevus cells with deep pigmentation.

In the process of nevus cells entering the dermis, intradermal nevus and residual junctional nevus often occur simultaneously in compound nevus, which is a mixed form of the above-mentioned vehicle nevus.

matters needing attention

Nevus in the case of beauty does not affect the situation, generally do not need treatment, usually have a reasonable lifestyle, especially to exercise on the body, to prevent malignant transformation.