The symptom of gallstone?

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Gallstone is also the abbreviation of gallstone, which is a common gallbladder disease. Gallstone is a disease we are relatively familiar with, and there are more patients. Gallstone is a disease. To understand it simply, there are some things like small stones in the gallbladder, which affect the normal operation of the gallbladder and make the body feel uncomfortable. Gallstone is a disease that all people may have.

The symptom of gallstone?

Patients with gallstones should also pay more attention to their diet. The diet is mainly light, try not to eat spicy food, and try not to eat greasy food. We must pay attention to food hygiene.

Patients with gallstone disease must timely carry out relevant examination and treatment, must go to the regular hospital for treatment, and also must not blindly believe some of the so-called folk prescription or the so-called special medicine, must be scientific treatment.

The main symptom of gallstone is colic, especially after eating greasy food, it often causes pain, even vomiting or nausea, and some patients also have upper abdominal pain.

matters needing attention

Gallstone patients must pay attention to rest, to ensure adequate and good sleep, must not give themselves too much pressure, to learn to relax themselves, but also to learn to work and rest.