What are the symptoms of esophageal cancer

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In life, diseases are not unfamiliar to each of us. Some diseases will not endanger our lives, but some diseases may endanger our lives, such as malignant tumors. Malignant tumor is what we usually call cancer, which is a very difficult disease, so far there is no 100% assurance that it can be completely cured. Among the malignant tumors we know, esophageal cancer is a common cancer. What are the early symptoms of esophageal cancer?

What are the symptoms of esophageal cancer

Under normal circumstances, when we just suffer from diseases like esophageal cancer, there will be no abnormal situation, and the disease is not obvious. The most common is that when we eat, we will feel the choking sensation of swallowing food and the feeling of acupuncture in the throat.

Many people will find that they have esophageal cancer in the middle and late stage, because after this period of disease, the patients will not be able to eat. In serious cases, they can not even swallow liquid food, and there is also the phenomenon of sputum. The patients are becoming thinner and thinner. This period is more serious.

As the tumor in esophagus changes day by day, it may press the nervous system of other parts, such as the throat nerve, which will cause difficulty in speaking and hoarseness. If it presses the organ parts, it will appear the phenomenon of dry cough. Send to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible.

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The typical symptom of esophageal cancer is progressive dysphagia, first difficult to swallow dry food, then semi liquid food, and finally water and saliva. Often spit mucoid sputum, saliva for the hypopharynx and esophageal secretions.