How to treat cervicitis of Department of gynaecology

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Female gynecological cervicitis is obviously a physical condition, if not treated in time, it is likely to cause more serious consequences. When I was young, leucorrhea was not much, and it was normal. At that time, I went to the hospital to have an examination when leucorrhea was not much. The doctor said that I had no abnormal phenomenon, so I was relieved. But from last month, I found that my local area would have a lot of leucorrhea phenomenon, which was very abnormal, and such leucorrhea would be accompanied by thick blood color, which was also abnormal Will be very thick, the results to the hospital to do a check-up only to find that they belong to cervicitis this disease, let's share some experience.

How to treat cervicitis of Department of gynaecology

First: cervicitis is a kind of disease that can be cured, but we should not be careless in the treatment of this disease, because if this disease is not treated, or if we are not careful during the treatment of the disease, then we may be infected with our own disease and cause more serious diseases.

Second: for their own disease in the treatment of gynecological Qianjin tablets can be used to do treatment, this drug can be used for the treatment of a variety of gynecological diseases, but cervicitis is an inflammatory disease, so in the treatment period also need to give their own disease anti-inflammatory treatment.

Third: but at the same time, when you suffer from cervicitis disease, you must avoid that your disease will develop into cervical cancer. If you develop into cervical cancer disease, the consequences will be very serious for you, and it may cause infertility, so you should pay attention to it.

matters needing attention

And for their own cervicitis disease treatment period need to let themselves eat some crucian carp, perch, COD, herring, spinach and other aspects of food, such food for the remission of the disease is more clear.