Why is the skin easy to itch before and after menstruation

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There are a lot of female friends can be in before and after menstruation skin pruritus, why can skin pruritus? Before and after menstruation, pruritus is mainly due to the fluctuation of estrogen secretion with the menstrual cycle. In addition, some people will have acne, which usually occurs during menstruation, but it will gradually disappear with the coming and ending of menstruation. Some people will have repeated attacks every month, while some people will have intermittent attacks. This is mainly based on different people's body and skin texture. If skin disease occurs before and after menstruation, it must be treated according to scientific principles, If the skin pruritus before and after menstruation, we must pay attention to life and diet, in the end should pay attention to what can stop itching? Let's share some with you.

Why is the skin easy to itch before and after menstruation

First of all, we should pay attention to the eating habits. We should eat less spicy food, especially those friends who love spicy food. For example, pepper and pepper are spicy, and stimulating food can't be eaten during menstruation, because these foods have the effect of promoting blood circulation, which can easily lead to dysmenorrhea, menorrhagia and other symptoms. During menstruation, we should also pay attention not to eat cold food, such as watermelon, banana and so on. Cold food is easy to cause dysmenorrhea and irregular menstruation.

Second: in addition to diet, we should also pay attention to spiritual things. We should keep in a good mood during menstruation. If we are in a bad mood, it will lead to stagnation of liver qi, which will easily lead to dark consumption of blood. So women should pay attention to, want to maintain Qi and blood, we should first do is to have a peaceful state of mind, to keep a happy, optimistic state of mind at any time, so as to be conducive to physical and mental health, make complexion ruddy, blood regulation smooth, energetic.

Third: we should also pay attention to the aspect of life. Our women's various functions during menstruation are relatively low, and they are easy to be tired during menstruation and easily interfered by external factors. If fatigue is excessive, it will lead to energy consumption, which will affect the body, and also cause excessive menstruation or too long menstruation. If the physique is weak friends should also pay attention to keep warm. If the menstrual period is cold, it is easy to get cold and cause diseases, such as dysmenorrhea, prolonged menstruation, irregular menstruation, etc.

matters needing attention

But we should pay attention to exercise in the menstrual period, do not do strenuous exercise, and the amount of exercise is not too large, but can not do swimming exercise, such as too often dysmenorrhea, lumbar acid, should immediately stop the exercise, if serious, to see a doctor in time.