How should I do if my vitiligo is not cured

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Vitiligo is a kind of skin disease, often seen on TV, some people have taken medicine, also used external dressing, but there is no effect, the doctor once told me that vitiligo can be cured, but because of many factors of vitiligo, easy to relapse, so many patients give up treatment. Therefore, I suggest that you do not give up the treatment of vitiligo, you can eat more nuts and so on. This is helpful to the disease.

How should I do if my vitiligo is not cured

First: take fresh walnut skin to wipe the affected area, if there is pain and itching, it is symptomatic; if you don't feel pain and itching, don't use it.

Second: fig leaves, put in Baijiu for 1 weeks, wipe the affected area. A black chicken (preferably a hen, aged 2-3 years or above), Polygonum multiflorum, Tribulus terrestris, Eclipta. Remove the hair and viscera of black chicken, wrap the three kinds of medicinal gauze, put it into the belly of black chicken, then put it into the pot, add appropriate amount of water, cook it with slow fire, eat meat and drink soup, twice a day. Alcohol is forbidden during medication. Don't add salt to the pot.

Third: sulfur ground into fine flour (with stone or porcelain, do not use iron), sugar half two grind noodles, a little edible alkali. Mix the above medicine, break off a piece of fresh cucumber (not cut with a knife), when the fresh water drops out of the cucumber, immediately apply the medicine to the affected area, so that the affected area is evenly coated with the medicine, and then wrap it with gauze.

matters needing attention

Apply it three times a day. After three or four days, don't touch it. After a week, wash off the medicine with warm water. If it's not good, continue to use this method until it's good. Drink plenty of boiled water after applying medicine to make you sweat.