Understand the symptoms before the onset of psoriasis

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In fact, before the occurrence of any disease, our body will have some characteristics in advance. If people can master the performance of these courses in advance, they can also do early detection and treatment for this disease, so as to reduce the damage of this disease to their body. The same is true for psoriasis, so let's understand the situation before the onset of psoriasis The signs!

Understand the symptoms before the onset of psoriasis

1. Punctate hemorrhage phenomenon: there is "punctate hemorrhage" in the early stage of psoriasis, that is, at the place of gently scraping the film, blood beads or pinhole like bleeding spots with the size of millet can be seen on the erythema surface.

2. Obvious scale performance: the early symptoms of psoriasis lesions are covered with a thick layer of white or light gray yellow on the scale. Generally, the severity of psoriasis on the head is relatively common, and scales are easy to fall off, with itching feeling.

3. Typical film phenomenon: scales are easy to be scraped off in the early stage of psoriasis. After scaling is scraped off, a layer of pink translucent glossy film is formed, which is called "film" phenomenon.

matters needing attention

Experts not only explained to us the symptoms of psoriasis, but also explained to us the different symptoms of patients after suffering from the disease. If a friend is troubled by the disease, he must observe his own condition at any time and accept other plans according to his own condition, so as to help him get rid of it as soon as possible This disease.