How old is acne

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Acne is a little itchy, mainly red up, and then, I accidentally broke it and left a mark, sometimes later, a long here, where a long, very uncomfortable. I'm upset. How old do you know about acne? So in order to prevent this situation, let's talk about the age of acne.

How old is acne

Situation 1: first of all, we are concerned that the cause of this problem is the oily skin itself. This is because of the excessive oil secretion of oily skin, which directly leads to the over developed sebaceous glands. So we need to know the cause of the red acne in our hair in time, and better treat the acne.

Situation 2: mainly because of endocrine disorders, sebaceous gland secretion is exuberant, resulting in pores blocked, the head began to acne, plus, the hair is easy to stick dust bacteria, easy to infection, it is easy to produce inflammation, leading to itching and pain and other symptoms.

Situation 3: another reason is that the hormone level in the body is out of balance, which leads to acne in the hair, and the best response is to start from the details of life.

matters needing attention

The life cycle of every acne is only 3-4 days. When the time comes, it will disappear or fester. If you squeeze it with your hands or tools, it will not help. On the contrary, it will cause secondary infection due to bacteria on your hands, or blood stasis under the skin due to the force of squeezing, leaving scars that will not disappear until 4-6 weeks. In addition, as a result of repeated stimulation and skin hyperplasia, the wound caused by pinching forms a raised scar.