All symptoms of kidney disease?

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In recent years, the number of patients suffering from kidney disease is increasing rapidly, which is greatly related to the low physical quality of modern people. One of the important reasons for the terrible harm of kidney disease is that it is not easy to be detected by patients. It is too late for patients to detect their own condition. Next, experts will introduce all the symptoms of kidney disease in detail.

All symptoms of kidney disease?

The symptom of proteinuria is the key manifestation of kidney disease. Due to the damage of renal function, the glomerular filtration is destroyed, and a lot of protein will be excreted with the patient's urine. Such a situation usually leads to a serious lack of synthetic protein in the liver, which leads to hypoproteinemia.

The symptoms of edema appeared. Due to the loss of a large number of protein substances, this will lead to the decrease of plasma osmotic pressure. If people's plasma osmotic pressure is unbalanced, it will make the water in the plasma overflow. After water overflow, it will accumulate in the patient's tissue or body cavity, which is the cause of systemic edema.

As the water in the plasma of patients spills out, the blood will become very viscous and its water capacity will be reduced, so the blood volume participating in the effective circulation will be insufficient. Moreover, blood viscosity can easily lead to thrombosis, and may also lead to renal ischemia and hypoxia. This is also the key manifestation of the harm of kidney disease.

matters needing attention

Kidney disease is a kind of disease caused by low immunity of human body, which has great harm. Please go to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible, and don't delay the best period of treatment. In addition, experts also warned everyone: Patients with kidney disease must not listen to small hospitals or other people's demagogy, medication treatment, this will be more with bad renal function.