Does caesarean section fat liquefy symptom?

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After cesarean section, many patients have the symptoms of fat liquefaction, which is a common complication after cesarean section. Especially in recent years, with the increasing proportion of obese and elderly patients and the widespread use of high-frequency electric scalpel, the occurrence of incision fat liquefaction has increased significantly. Incision fat liquefaction has a great impact on the speed of wound healing in patients, and even leads to the failure of wound healing for several months. Does caesarean section fat liquefy symptom? Let's talk about it.

Does caesarean section fat liquefy symptom?

Fat liquefaction in cesarean section is the most typical complication of cesarean section. Most of the reasons are that the fat of patients is too thick, and most of them are obese and elderly pregnant women. In this case, we need to go to the hospital in time to do a new wound treatment. Early detection and early drainage are the key. After anti infection treatment, we need to re suture the wound.

If the patient's fat liquefaction is more serious, it can also be used in the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine. By dredging the Qi and blood of the affected area, the wound can be healed, which has a good therapeutic effect. In addition, it is necessary to clean the local area on time, wash it with disinfectant after discharge, and then stick the medical paste.

If you need to change it once a day in a hot place, keep the cutting edge of cesarean section clean, you need to eat more nourishing food, but less fat content, otherwise you will make your condition worse, you can also drink more glucose water, which can promote wound healing.

matters needing attention

If you find that the fat liquefaction of cesarean section, go to the hospital in time to do a wound treatment, you still need to relax, don't be too nervous, as long as it is cleaned on time, there will be no problem.