Treatment of self premature ejaculation

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My husband always has a high sexual desire, but the time is very short, up to 2 minutes. He usually likes sweating. I suggest him to go to the hospital for examination. The doctor says that it is premature ejaculation. Patients with this disease should be treated as soon as possible. Now I will tell you about the treatment of self premature ejaculation.

Treatment of self premature ejaculation

The first step: the treatment of premature ejaculation is a matter for both husband and wife, especially the wife's participation in the treatment is very important. The psychotherapy of premature ejaculation needs the cooperation of the patient's wife. Because the woman's misunderstanding or complaint, will make the man's tension, anxiety rise, increase the psychological burden. The woman should take a considerate and caring attitude, give speech and behavior comfort, relieve the man's tension, and help him build up the confidence of cure.

Step 2: for some patients with severe premature ejaculation, the penile erection has recovered after various treatments, but the patients still have ideological burden and lack of confidence. The method of squeezing the penile head is adopted. The woman puts her thumb on the frenulum of the penis, and the index finger and middle finger are placed above and below the edge of the coronal sulcus, squeezing and pressing the penile head for 3-4 seconds, Then suddenly relax and apply pressure from the front to the back, not to the sides.

The third step: to overcome the anxiety of the mind; the time of appeasement before sexual intercourse is essential, the man should be distracted properly, not too nervous, the husband and wife should cooperate well, adopt all kinds of behavior therapy to extend the time of ejaculation, and cooperate with drug therapy, so that the husband and wife can have enough time to reach the orgasm and pleasure in the process of sexual intercourse.

matters needing attention

All kinds of methods for the treatment of premature ejaculation, more is physical therapy, patients can refer to, the most important is the daily life rules and work and rest, need to get better treatment.