How is follicular keratosis treated

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In our daily life, we often find that some people get keratosis follicularis and don't know how to treat it. Here we introduce the treatment of keratosis follicularis.

How is follicular keratosis treated

Method 1: Traditional Chinese medicine can clear away heat and freckles, moisten skin, nourish blood and activate collaterals, improve microcirculation. Conditioning treatment can be used in this aspect. At the same time, vitamin A or vitamin E can be taken orally to increase the curative effect.

Method 2: keratosis follicularis is related to cutin thickening, so we can try to use bath milk containing frosted particles, bath sponge, bath ball, etc. when taking a bath, so as to achieve the effect of exfoliation. But not too much rubbing. The water temperature of the cleaning part should not be too hot.

Method 3: eat more foods rich in vitamin C and vitamin A, such as tomatoes, in order to reduce the skin melanin, reduce the pigmentation of hair follicles, speed up the reduction and whitening of the skin.

matters needing attention

In short, this disease can be recuperated with traditional Chinese medicine, but also can choose other physical treatment. If the patient's condition is serious, it is better to see a doctor immediately.